Lately, on endless walks and bike rides during the Spring lockdown, there have been so many beautiful, simple joys to notice. My partner is particularly expressive when we go out, saying what he loves, smelling flowers, taking in deep breaths and pointing out the beauty of all he sees around him.  This active expression always makes me feel so good that I join in and express what I like. We always return with good memories feeling really uplifted.

We all know that what we pay attention to is what defines our reality.  Take a walk or a bike ride for example; a simple activity most of us have incorporated into our everyday routine during the COVID-19 lockdown. Spring is rampantly blossoming and blooming in every crack and corner and if we pay enough attention, there is so much to make our reality charged with positives worth mentioning. From busy gardens and deserted town centres, to quiet roadsides and wide open countryside, it is difficult not to be sensorially uplifted by even the most common everyday places. So, is it possible that while we are out with our families and partners, saying what we like; I mean actively pointing it out, could really lift our perception of reality in that moment to a higher vibration and make the everyday more positive?

Why don’t we express more openly in words the little things that make us feel good?  A taste, a scent, a sound… there are so many small pleasures in everyday life to share and lift the mood.  In a society where moaning is second nature and serves mainly to bring everyone in earshot down, could expressing pleasure and positivity, in simple language, really be a simple way to lift the mood and spread feelings of joy?

Locked-down or not, is it possible that making an effort to actually verbalise all the positives that we notice, and I mean the tiniest of things, could be a simple behaviour change that makes a huge difference to our daily happiness?  Actually making a commitment to verbalising positives in place of negatives can only raise our own sense of inner contentment as well as those of the people around us.

Perhaps if practised enough, positive affirmation could become our more common tendency…

To ourselves or our walking or cycling companions, expressing aloud all those little things that catch our attention, such as bird song, falling blossom, warm scented air, open skies or charming colours, sends out positive waves of appreciation which flood the air around us and travel further than ourselves, encouraging others to do the same.  Any positive statements drawing attention to something that we ourselves find beautiful and uplifting are worth sharing and will create the good feelings we need in that moment to make the moment pleasurable and memorable.

Be it a cute plant pot placed on a windowsill, the bright yellow faces of  hundreds of dandelions smiling out from the grassy roadside or the light fragrance of an unknown blossom filling the air as you pass by, there is always an abundance of wonders around us waiting to be noticed.  If we actually take a moment to simply point them out, we will all be sharing some positive waves and making oceans of good feelings! 

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