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Information on our company that we hope you will find of interest.

Press and media representatives, please feel free to use any the assets enclosed. If you require any further information please email using the contact from at the bottom of the page.


Rutland Pride article March 21

A feaure in Rutland Pride magazine, telling our start up story.


Press Release Spring 2021

Background Information on our company and why we began Oname.

Retailer Information Spring 2021

Retailer specific information on product, pricing, supply and display.


Rutland & Stamford Mercury December 20

A feature in Rutand & Stamford Mercury. 

Price List Spring 2021

Pricing information for our current range of soaps.

Retailer Photos

Photos of our soaps in retail environments.

contact US

We love to have feedback about the soaps we make - and your thoughts on our products.  We're always interested in supportive tips and suggestions for improvement so don't hesitate to get in touch!

25% of every Polar Bear soap we sell goes towards supporting The 2 Minute Beach Clean.

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