It’s Time for Something New!

Oname soap is naturally scented and coloured and very kind on the skin.  Beautifully wrapped and hand-made in small batches, our soaps make wonderful gifts to lift the spirits and spread a little joy! 

Perfect for retail spaces

Making good quality soap by hand is a process we have learned only with practice! For three years now, we have been creating Oname soaps with plant oils, essential oils and natural pigments and clays.

After the obstacles presented by the pandemic and Brexit, we have entered 2022 with a renewed spirit to keep going and continue to embrace the handmade market and support the planet by using less plastic…more important now than ever.

Made to display

Why not stack a few here and there between other products or go all out and design a whole display with an array of our cleverly wrapped soap collection.

Each soap sits well upright, stacked and in colourful rows.  Have fun and send us a photo of your display to Insta. To say thanks for your first share, we will send you 6 free soaps to add to your display!

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natural ingredients
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Cruelty free
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PLastic free packaging
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Entirely Handcrafted by us

Retail Starter boxes

Our retail boxes contain 12 soaps. Perfect for positioning on a counter in their box, stacked in groups or scattered separately. The choice is yours!


1 box £36


2 boxes £66

(£33 per box. £2.75/soap)


3-10 boxes £30

£30 (£2.50/soap)


Our range

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& Spearmint
Oname cruelty free icon
Honey, Oatmilk
& Rhassoul Clay
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& Walnut
Oname responsibly sourced icon
& Poppy Seed
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Palmarosa, Lavender
& Geranium Rose
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Black Pepper
& Basil
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& Clary Sage
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Sea Buckthorn,
Lemongrass & Ginger

contact US

We love to have feedback about the soaps we make - and your thoughts on our products.  We're always interested in supportive tips and suggestions for improvement so don't hesitate to get in touch!

We support The 2 Minute Foundation

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