Oname Naked: Reviving Rosemary & Poppy Seed


Inspired by gardeners, but great for anyone who likes to exfoliate – hands and anywhere else! Poppy seeds work wonders! Cleanse tired hands, buff dull skin and lift your mood in a gently exfoliating lather that smells fresh and herby! 


We created this special softening soap with wonderful little organic poppy seeds which act as a natural exfoliator and French green clay which gently combines with impurities to cleanse your skin. The combined cleansing and moisturising properties of coconut, olive, sunflower and castor oil create a rich lather which binds with dirt and grease and leaves a layer of moisture on the skin. Inhale deeply to vivify your senses as you turn your soap in your hands with a little water to release the creamy lather and herbal scent of Rosemary essential oil – breathe deep – it’s known as a great stress reliever! 



Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 72 × 72 × 29 cm
Inspired by hard-working hands

Good for removing dirt and softening your skin!

Soapy information

Oname soaps are 'All-vegetable' cold-process soaps. When we mix our vegetable or plant oils (which are acids) with an alkaline base (we use Sodium Hydroxide) they react and neutralise into a salt which is your soap. This process is called Saponification. We use water as our solvent to dissolve the base. The natural reaction that takes place creates enough of its own heat to 'saponify' the oils so no external heat is needed. That's why our method is called 'Cold-process' soap making. Before we pour our soaps into molds, essential oils are stirred into the saponifying oils to add scent and additional skin and hair benefits. Now, here's the best bit…Oname soaps feel lovely and soft and have rich, creamy, natural lathers because we do something clever called superfatting. We superfat by leaving some of the gorgeous vegetable oils unsaponified so you can enjoy rich nutritious lathers that nourish your skin and hair, along with other nutrients such as oatmilk, honey, clays and essential oils. During the reaction, the base ingredients change. For example, Olive Oil becomes Sodium Olivate – a sodium salt derived from the fatty acids of Olive oil. In our ingredients list, you will see what is actually in the bar of soap you are using after saponification has taken place. In addition, we have listed the name of the base oils before saponification and explained how and why we include the other ingredients we use.

How To Wash with Soap

If washing with solid soap is a different experience for you, prepare to really enjoy a new way to wash.  When washing your body, we recommend circulating the soap directly on your skin.  Poppy seeds make a lovely cleansing massage.  Wet your soap, then take some moments to roll our wonderful round bar over and over in your palms to release the rich and creamy lather.   While natural essential oils have many benefits for the skin and hair, they also boost the senses and soothe the mind so make the most of the scent as you wash.  When washing your hands, rub the lather between the fingers and up over the back of the hands and wrists for a good few seconds.  The soap helps the water droplets to soak your skin and dislodge dirt that the lather holds until it is rinsed away.


Sodium Olivate – a sodium salt derived from the fatty acids of Olive oil
Sodium Sunflowerate – a sodium salt derived from the fatty acids of Sunflower oil
Sodium Castorate – a sodium salt derived from the fatty acids of Castor oil
Sodium Cocoate – a sodium salt derived from the fatty acids of Coconut oil
Montmorillonite – We use lovely French Green Clay to naturally colour our soap, to hold the scent of the Rosemary essential oil and to make your skin feel clean and smooth!
Aqua – water 
Sodium Chloride – this is good old salt which helps to harden the soap and get it out of the molds!
Glycerin, or Glycerol, is a natural compound derived from the vegetable oils in our soaps as a product of the saponification process.  This is great news for your skin because Glycerin is an humectant, a type of moisturising agent that hydrates the skin.
Citric Acid – we use a tiny bit in all our soaps to act as an anti-oxidant which helps preserve the oils.
Poppy Seeds** – organic natural exfoliating seeds
Rosmarinus officinalis Leaf Oil* – Rosemary essential oil (*Contains: Linalool, Limonene)

*These are naturally occurring compounds found in the essential oils used in this recipe. We are required to list them for your information in case of allergies.

** Organic


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