give with joy this Christmas!

How you give your gifts is part of the excitement and joy at Christmas time. Here are a few ideas to give you some festive inspiration.

Oname christmas stocking with gardeners soap, leaves, tangerine and candy cane

splendid stocking fillers

Without a doubt this winter, Christmas will be a cosy home affair, where attention to the simple traditions of the time can really make a home festive.  Have fun transforming old woolly socks into something special! Our little soaps make perfect stocking fillers!

brilliant baubles

Alex’s mum Pammy,  thought our soaps would make great baubles, so we honoured her suggestion and had some great fun bringing you our Christmas Bauble decoration inspiration! 

Hang Oname soaps on the tree as labelled gifts as a great way to gather round the tree and celebrate each other as you search for your gift!


The winter solstice festival and Christmas traditions are an exciting time to honour the special people in our lives so we hope you will be inspired to gift our unique soaps to those who enjoy a cleaner, kinder way to wash!

Our four bar selection box allows you to select a range of soaps for yourself, for someone special or to to open and share with family and friends.

Our four bar box comes postage free!

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We love to have feedback about the soaps we make - and your thoughts on our products.  We're always interested in supportive tips and suggestions for improvement so don't hesitate to get in touch!

25% of every Polar Bear soap we sell goes towards supporting The 2 Minute Beach Clean.

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